The Rules of Being a Cat

The Rules of Being a Cat

If you have a kitty, there’s a pretty good chance you have some funny stories to tell about your furry pal. Although cats are rather small, these larger-than-life furballs have huge hearts and big purrsonalities. While every cat is unique, our feline friends do share some common characteristics. In fact, one might almost wonder if kitties have a code of conduct they adhere to. Below, River Valley Veterinary Hospital serving the local area including Natrona Heights, PA lists a few things that just might make Fluffy’s list of golden rules.

Get Lots of Sleep

If cats had a number one rule to live by, this would be it. Your sleepy furball could spend up to 20 hours a day napping. We’re not saying you need quite that much rest, but be sure to get enough shuteye.


Cats love to explore. Your feline friend has probably investigated every inch of her kingdom several times over, and won’t hesitate to check out any new items you bring home. Broaden your horizons by exploring new places.

Speak Your Mind

Kitties can be quite opinionated little furballs. If Fluffy wants to get into a certain room, or wishes to protest being picked up and moved mid-nap she’ll most likely let you know. Speak your mind!

Be Yourself

We’re pretty sure our feline pals don’t spend much time worrying about what others will think of them. Fluffy won’t hesitate to sprawl out in a pretzel-like contortion in front of guests, or chase after a catnip mouse with joyous abandon. Be yourself!

When All Else Fails, Just Look Adorable

Have you ever caught your kitty doing something naughty? Perhaps Fluffy jumped on the table, or took a nap in a basket of fresh laundry. Chances are, if you said something, your cat probably managed to look absolutely adorable as she was being reprimanded. (We’re pretty sure cats do this on purpose.)

Show Your Love

While cats have a reputation for being aloof, there’s no mistake a kitty’s affection for anything other than love. Your furball may purr when you pet her, snuggle up to you, follow you around, or meow at you to show her adoration. Of course, Fluffy may also nip, knead, and pounce affectionately, but that’s another topic.

Does your feline buddy need shots or an exam? We are here to help! Please feel free to contact us, River Valley Veterinary Hospital, serving the local area including Natrona Heights, PA anytime.

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