Signs of Sickness in Cats

Signs of Sickness in Cats

Cats love to lounge about and be pampered, so it can be easy to forget that Fluffy’s ancestors were wild. Even today, kitties carry on many instinctive behaviors that came about as a result of living in the wild. One such habit is the urge to hide any signs of sickness. In the wilderness, showing signs of illness or weakness could bring unwanted attention from dangerous predators. Therefore, kitties learned long ago to mask any symptoms of sickness. Unfortunately, that means your beloved pet may not seem ill until she’s quite sick, so it’s very important for you to know what to watch out for. Below, River Valley Veterinary Hospital, a vet serving the local area including Natrona Heights, PA  lists some signs of sickness in cats.

Poor Grooming

Healthy cats are very good about grooming themselves. Fluffy could spend hours each day carefully cleaning her fur. If your furball doesn’t feel good, her beauty regimen may quickly fall by the wayside, and the neglect will show pretty quickly. Unkempt, matted, or greasy fur can be signs of illness in kitties.

Change in Appetite/Thirst

Any sudden increase or decrease in Fluffy’s thirst or appetite can be a red flag. Filling your furball’s bowls at the same time each day will make it easier for you to monitor her food and water consumption.


Your feline friend may love finding secluded spots for naps, but she should come out when she’s called, or at least by dinnertime. If Fluffy doesn’t want to leave her hiding spot, she could be sick.

Unusual Behavior

Any behavior that is not normal for your cat could be a red flag. For instance, a reserved kitty that starts demanding cuddles and attention could be sick.

Change in Vocalizations

All of our feline friends have unique vocalization patterns. While some cats are chattier than others are, most don’t change their meowing habits very often. Pay attention to Fluffy’s normal conversational habits. A normally talkative cat that becomes silent, or a quiet kitty that starts meowing incessantly, could be ill. Howling can also indicate illness.

These are just a few symptoms of illness in cats. Some others include vomiting; diarrhea; aggression; and litterbox issues, such as straining to urinate. Contact your vet immediately if you see any of these symptoms in your kitty.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, River Valley Veterinary Hospital serving the local area including Natrona Heights, PA, today!

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