Doggy Dental Care

Doggy Dental Care

Did you know that Man’s Best Friend can be afflicted by a wide variety of dental issues? Just like people, dogs can suffer from many painful dental problems, including abscesses, misalignments, infections, gum disease, and cracked or broken teeth. Some common signs of doggy dental woes include bad breath; stringy, bloody, or excessive drool; grumpiness; lack of interest in play; tartar buildup; and reduced appetite. Below, a Natrona Heights, PA veterinarian discusses canine dental care.

Veterinary Care

Fido should have his teeth examined by a vet at least once a year. If your pooch has gunk built up on his teeth, he may need a good deep cleaning. This is very important, because tartar buildup can lead or contribute to gum disease. Although gum disease is painless at first, it can eventually cause your pet’s teeth to loosen, shift, or fall out. It can also contribute to other serious health problems, such as heart disease. It’s important to note that, when treating dental trouble in dogs, cosmetic problems are not a concern. Fido will still be adorable with a crooked smile! Issues that can cause pain, or lead to other problems, are the main focus.


The best way to keep Fido’s choppers healthy is to brush them. To get your pooch used to the process, start by just rubbing his teeth and gums with your finger. If he accepts this, you can move on to using doggy toothpaste and, eventually, a pet toothbrush. You don’t have to do your dog’s entire mouth every day. Just do a few teeth at a time, and keep rotating.

Dental Care Products

We know, not all of our canine friends will tolerate having their teeth brushed. If Fido fidgets too much for you to clean those pearly whites, ask your vet to recommend dental-formula treats, kibble, or chews.

Chew Toys

Proper chew toys are very beneficial to our furry pals. They stimulate saliva, which will help keep Fido’s teeth clean. They can also help keep dogs’ jaws strong. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Last but not least, make sure Fido always has fresh, clean water. This will help keep his mouth clean, and will also keep him hydrated.

Do you think your pooch may have dental problems? We can help! Contact River Valley Veterinary Hospital, serving the Natrona Heights, PA area, to make an appointment with a vet.

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