Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Nearly half of all domesticated cats are considered overweight. Is your feline friend part of the statistic? If so, it’s time to act! Use these tips from River Valley Veterinary Hospital, serving the Fox Chapel, PA area, to help Fluffy slim down.

Visit the Veterinarian

First, make an appointment at your vet’s office to have your cat examined by a professional. It’s important to work closely with your veterinarian to formulate a diet and exercise plan for your cat, rather than switching foods immediately or cutting down portions dramatically and all at once. Plus, your veterinarian can evaluate your cat’s overall health and advise you on keeping her healthy moving forward.

Portion Size Control

The number-one cause of obesity amongst our cat friends is overfeeding, so portion control is essential. Your veterinarian will be able to tell you an amount that will be appropriate for your cat’s meals to keep her weight down while still providing all the nutrition she needs.

Don’t free-feed your cat, as this only contributes to obesity. Free-feeding is the practice of leaving food out at all times for a pet to eat as they please. Scheduled mealtimes can also be helpful; ask your vet for specifics.

Switch Foods

In some cases, cats just aren’t eating the food that’s best for their weight and overall health. Many felines benefit from a specially formulated diet, often low in carbohydrates, to help lose excess pounds. Don’t switch foods without first consulting your veterinarian; you’ll want his or her recommendation on a great brand and type of food.


There’s no substitute for good old-fashioned exercise when it comes to losing weight—that’s true of humans and animals alike! On a daily basis, get your cat moving with toys, laser lights, cat towers, or a simple string dangling in front of her face. Your cat may even enjoy outdoor walks using a specialized harness and leash. Get a recommendation from your vet on such a product.

Use Treats Wisely

Do you find yourself slipping Fluffy treats for no real reason? This may be contributing to her weight gain, especially if the treats are low-quality and full of filler material. Try to only use treats as rewards for good behavior, for training, or as the very occasional indulgence.

Is your cat’s weight becoming a problem? Does she need veterinary care? Give your vet in Fox Chapel, PA a call today.

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