Tips for Choosing Doggy Clothes

Tips for Choosing Doggy Clothes

Does your canine buddy have thin fur? If so, Fido may need some doggy clothes to keep him warm in winter. Doggy clothes are definitely not one-size-fits-all, however. Actually, there are quite a few things to consider when shopping for your pooch! In this article from River Valley Veterinary Hospital, serving the Fox Chapel, PA area, a local vet offers some great tips on choosing clothes for your pup.


Make sure that your canine pal’s clothes fit well, and are neither too tight or too loose. You may want to text yourself Fido’s measurements. That way, you’ll always have them on hand when you go shopping.

General Tips

A warm sweater may be great for mid-winter, but could be too hot in autumn or spring. Fido may need a windbreaker and raincoat, as well as a sweater. Avoid anything that looks like it could be itchy. Also, unless you don’t mind frequent trips to the laundromat, check the label for care instructions. Caring for your pet’s things will be much easier if they can go right into the washing machine!

Safety Concerns

Avoid clothes with small pieces, like buttons, that your pooch may try to eat. Dangling parts, like threads, can also be hazardous. Zippers can be problematic as well: you don’t want Fido’s fur to get caught!

Fido’s Fashion Sense

It’s important to note that not all dogs need clothes: breeds with thick fur, like huskies, are often more comfortable in their birthday suits, and can even overheat in doggy clothes. Also, some of our canine pals just don’t like wearing clothes. Never force your four-legged buddy to dress up if he doesn’t like it. Fido will not only be extremely uneasy, he could also hurt himself if he tries to get undressed! This is especially important to keep in mind as Halloween approaches. We know, Man’s Best Friend makes an adorable taco, but he may be much happier wearing a simple neck bandana.

Puppy Personality

Keep your pet’s character in mind when shopping for doggy clothes. An active pooch may look adorable in a doggy sports jersey, while a fluffy pampered pup may be super charming in a pretty pink coat.

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