Turkey Day Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Turkey Day Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Thanksgiving is only a short time away! Before the big day arrives, it’s important to make a few considerations regarding your pet’s safety. After all, this holiday presents several hazards. Learn more below from a Fox Chapel, PA veterinary professional:

Avoid Anxiety

Are you hosting the Thanksgiving festivities this year? Bear in mind that the hustle and bustle can be very stressful for your animal companion, especially if they’re shy to begin with. Set up a safe zone of sorts in a quiet back room; outfit a comfy pet bed with a few soft blankets and some of your pet’s favorite toys. When guests start arriving, lead your pet to this area if you see them becoming anxious.

Human Food Hazards

Plenty of foods that might be on your holiday dinner table aren’t safe for pets to eat. The list includes grapes, raisins, chocolate, candy, gum, garlic, onions, chives, shallots, caffeinated food and beverages, certain varieties of nuts, and fatty items. Keep your pet out of the kitchen during meal preparation, and secure them elsewhere during dinner so no one has a chance to slip your pet any table scraps.

Beware of Bones

Although it’s tempting to slip your pooch a turkey or ham bone this holiday, you’ll want to think twice before doing so. Bones like these, whether or not they’re cooked through, can break apart dangerously when chewed. This may create chunks that could be choked on, or razor-sharp shards that can lacerate a pet’s mouth or stomach lining. Avoid the danger entirely; slip your pet a chew toy or rawhide toy instead of a bone.

Alcohol Awareness Tips

Does your Thanksgiving celebration include alcoholic beverages? Don’t let your pet get their paws on any, because alcohol can poison animals even in very small amounts. This goes for liquor, beer, wine, champagne, and even certain foods cooked with alcohol. Keep a close eye on all drinks to make sure pets stay safe.

Trouble with Trash

On Thanksgiving, the garbage bag is a treasure-trove of potential pet hazards, especially after mealtime is over. Coffee grounds, toxic foods, bones, fatty aluminum foil, wrapping twine—the list of dangers goes on and on. Secure your garbage bag in an area that your pet won’t have access to.

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