Your Puppy’s Vaccines

Your Puppy’s Vaccines

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Considering bringing one home in the near future? Vaccination will be one of the most important steps you’ll take to provide your new addition with a lifetime of good health. A Fox Chapel, PA veterinarian goes over the basics below.

How Do Vaccines Help My Puppy?

Vaccines introduce a tiny, virtually harmless strain of a disease or virus to your puppy’s immune system. Your dog’s system responds by developing antibodies to that disease, helping it to recognize and fight off the illness later in life should the real thing come along. In this way, you’re preventing a problem before it begins!

What Vaccines Does My Puppy Need?

All puppies will need what are called the core vaccines, so named because they protect against particularly common, dangerous, and/or contagious diseases like parvovirus, parainfluenza, distemper, hepatitis, and rabies. Most often, many of these core vaccines are administered together in a batch when your puppy is between six and 16 weeks of age.

Certain puppies might also benefit from non-core vaccines, which aren’t considered necessary for all dogs but help some because of exposure risk, environment and location, and other factors. The vaccine against the Bordetella virus, which causes kennel cough, is one example; it’s a good idea for pups who will be boarded later in life.

What About Booster Shots?

Many of your puppy’s vaccines will require booster shots over the years to help the vaccination remain effective. These may be administered on a yearly basis, or in multi-year increments. Talk to your veterinarian to find out the particulars on your pup’s vaccination schedule; most pet owners have their dog’s booster shots given at one of their twice-annual veterinary appointments.

Are Vaccines a Legal Requirement?

The rabies vaccine is legally required almost everywhere, thanks to the dangerous nature of the virus and the ability for it to be transmitted to humans and other mammals. Other vaccinations may be legally required as well, but it may depend on the rules and regulations of the municipality that you live in. Check your local ordinances for more information.

How Do I Get Started?

Do you have more questions about the vaccinations your puppy needs? Ready to have your pet vaccinated for a lifetime of health and happiness? We’re here for you! Set up an appointment at River Valley Veterinary Hospital, serving the Fox Chapel, PA area, to get started.

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