Cold-Weather Care Tips for Pets

Cold-Weather Care Tips for Pets

The coldest months of the year will be upon us before you know it. Is your pet ready to face the chilly weather of winter? In this article from River Valley Veterinary Hospital, serving the Fox Chapel, PA area, learn about a few easy ways to keep your pet happy and healthy when the temperature dips.

Indoor Time

When pets are left outdoors for too long in extremely cold weather, deadly hypothermia and frostbite can take hold quickly. Don’t run the risk—only allow your pet outdoors for a few minutes at a time for bathroom breaks or quick exercise sessions. Otherwise, keep them indoors where they’ll be safe, warm, and happy with you and your family.

Antifreeze Hazard

One of the main poisoning dangers of cold weather is antifreeze. We often add it to our car engines to keep them working properly once the temperature drops, but it’s important to use caution. Antifreeze is a hazardous pet toxin, containing a dangerous poison called ethylene glycol that can harm pets even in very small amounts. Even worse, antifreeze has a sweet smell and taste that may attract pets! Keep animals indoors while using antifreeze, and store it carefully where pets can’t reach.

Deep Snow and Ice

Pets can slip on ice patches just like us; it’s important to use caution especially if you have to trek up or down a staircase with your animal companion. Deep snowbanks should also be avoided; even if your pet loves frolicking around in deep snow, it’s possible that they can become exhausted and have trouble getting themselves out.

Pet Clothes

Does your pet have a thin coat of fur? If Fido or Fluffy isn’t well-equipped to handle cold temperatures, consider having them wear a warm clothing item to help ward off the chill. There are pet sweaters, parkas, jackets, booties, earmuffs, and more! Ask your vet to recommend a piece of clothing that might help your pet.

Warm Beds

Don’t place your pet’s bed on a hard floor near a window or door, where cool drafts may come through and make your pet even more uncomfortable. Try to put your animal companion’s bed in a warm area near the center of your home, and outfit it with a soft blanket or two for extra comfort.

Would you like more cold-weather tips to keep your pet safe? Contact your Fox Chapel, PA animal hospital today.

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