Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy With These Quick Tips

Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy With These Quick Tips

It’s all too easy for dog owners to overlook their canine companions’ coat care, but it’s an important part of your dog’s overall health. In this article from your River Valley Veterinary Hospital veterinarian, serving the Fox Chapel, PA area, learn about some quick tips to maintain Fido’s coat of fur.

Proper Diet

Did you know that one of the best things you can do for your dog’s coat quality is feed them a great diet? That’s because your dog needs the proper nutrition for the skin and hair follicles to stay healthy, ultimately producing a high-quality, well-moisturized coat. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on a nutritionally balanced diet choice that suits your dog’s age, breed, and weight.


Running a brush through your dog’s coat every day will do wonders for their skin and fur health, and it will keep the coat in great condition all year round. Brushing traps loose or dead fur in the brush itself—keeping your home clean by preventing loose fur from falling all over your carpets and floors—and helps keep the skin grime-free. Plus, brushing spreads natural skin oils throughout your dog’s entire coat, moisturizing it effectively for a healthy, pristine shine!

Want a recommendation on the right brush and bristle type for your particular dog’s coat? Contact your vet’s office for advice from the professionals.


The occasional bath is another great way to keep Fido’s coat clean and fresh. It also helps your dog smell their best! Always use a shampoo that’s been specially formulated for canines, as other shampoos may be too strong for your dog’s sensitive skin. These products are widely available at pet supply stores and retail outlets; ask your vet to recommend a good brand.

Be careful not to bathe your pup too frequently. Bathing too often can actually dry out the skin and fur, creating a dull, coarse coat and increasing the amount your dog sheds.

Pest Control

It won’t take long for pests like fleas or ticks to start affecting your dog’s health. One of the first things to go downhill may be your pet’s coat quality. By keeping your dog on a high-quality flea-and-tick preventative, as well as a great heartworm medication, you’re not only keeping Fido’s coat in top form—you’re maintaining his overall health!

For more advice on your dog’s grooming needs, contact your Fox Chapel, PA vet clinic today.

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