Tips on Giving Your Dog Pill Medication

Tips on Giving Your Dog Pill Medication

Have you ever had to give your dog a pill? It’s often much more difficult than it sounds! In this article from River Valley Veterinary Hospital, serving the Fox Chapel, PA area, learn about some great tips for administering a pill to your pooch.

Hide Pill in Food

Often, it’s easiest to hide your dog’s pill in food. Try putting the pill into the center of a glob of wet dog food, or pressing into a large soft dog treat. You can also wrap up the pill in a slice of lean deli meat or cheese. With luck, your canine companion will be so happy to gobble up the tasty morsel that he won’t even notice there was medication inside!
Before giving your dog a pill with food, check with your veterinarian. Some medications are intended only to be taken on an empty stomach, so this method won’t work in all cases.

Crush the Pill

Sometimes, you’ll be able to crush or grind up your dog’s pill using a mortar and pestle or a spoon, and then sprinkle the contents over your dog’s meal or stir it directly into his food. Always ask your veterinarian before trying this method, though. Some medicines will be made ineffective if ground up, or it could introduce too much of the medication to your dog’s system at one time. That could result in a dangerous overdose of medication. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Trick Your Dog

Does your four-legged friend enjoy nabbing treats out of mid-air when they’re tossed to him? Try tricking your dog into taking his pill by using this method. Toss a treat or two to your dog, then the pill, then another treat or two. Do it seamlessly enough, and your dog won’t even notice that one of the “treats” was actually his medication!

Ask About Chewables

Did you know that certain medications, as well as some vitamins, dietary supplements, and preventative medications, now come in chewable and flavored bites? They’re formulated to taste like a normal dog treat, so dogs tend to love them. Ask your vet if your dog’s medications or supplements come in a chewable version.

Do you need help administering your dog’s pill medication? Do you have questions about your canine companion’s treatment regimen? Don’t hesitate to call your Fox Chapel, PA veterinary clinic to speak with the professionals. We’re always here to help!

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